pickem 2.0.0

  1. tajhay

    Implemented Centrally Managed Pickem & Survivor

    Hi Bob, Was wondering if its possible to somehow integrate your 3 sports related addons so that we only need to enter in one match into a centrally managed area and it is able to create the relevant entry into pickem, survivor and sportsbook? Basically right now, we go through and have to...
  2. StampsFans

    Partially Implemented Pickem Widget

    Couple small suggestions for the widget: To have the ability to have game times also listed inside the Pickem Picks widget. (Noting huge, just a small day and time above the game.) I'd like the widget to use the same check and x marks that the pick selection screen uses to signify which game...
  3. BamaStangGuy

    Implemented Allow guests and or non pool members to view public pools

    It would be nice to have open pools available for guests to view without them being able to interact with the pools