ld 2.2.22

  1. Bob

    Release Link Directory (LD) 2.2.22 released

    Link Directory (LD) 2.2.22 (Stable/Supported) released. Important Note: This version of Link Directory requires a minimum of XF 2.2.2 ! It is highly recommended to read all the implemented suggestion threads and bug fix's so that you are familiar with them prior to upgrading. See: Link...
  2. Bob

    Updated Add more Item Details to the Latest Reviews and Latest Questions pages

    As per title, add a bit more information pertaining to the Item when viewing the Latest Reviews and Latest Question pages. Currently, only the Title of the Item that is linked to the Review/Question is displayed. Would be nice to at least have the Cover Image of the Item included (similar to...
  3. Bob

    Implemented Url Check Logs

    This was funded by a Link Directory license holder that wish to remain anonymous. Link Directory now has the ability to log each url check and allows moderators with the appropriate permissions, to view the Url check logs for all items. This is both options driven and permissions driven...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Auto Feature Items Criteria: Prefixes

    This has been implemented in LD 2.2.22 I've added a "Prefixes" criteria that allows admins to select one or more prefixes (this is multi select, just like Categories). This criteria works just like the Categories in that if you select a prefix (or multiple prefixes), only items that have any...