ams 2.2.8

  1. Bob

    Implemented Localize Article Maps if possible?

    This has been implemented in AMS 2.2.8 I've added a new Global Option to the AMS Article Page options that allows you to Enable/Disable localization of google maps in AMS. Note: This is defaulted to ENABLED, so if you don't want localization of google maps, you'll need to disable it. Note...
  2. Bob

    Updated Make View count more meaningful by excluding contributors

    I've updated AMS to no longer log Views for Article Contributors (Authors, Co-Authors and Contributors). Note: Views are still logged for Moderators however (this is still being debated by Premium license holders on whether to exclude Staff from logging views).
  3. Bob

    Implemented User Group Permission for viewing Article Maps

    This has been implemented in AMS 2.2.8. I've added a new AMS article permission "View article maps". When the viewing user has permission to view article maps and the article has a Map (either in a Tab or below the article or in the article sidebar), they will be able to view it. If the...
  4. Bob

    Implemented Alerts for Article Comments to work like Alerts for Posts in Discussion Threads

    This has been implemented in AMS 2.2.8 This works exactly like Post Alerts work for Discussion Threads. As you can see, the Alert for the new comment now contains a blurb that states that there may be more comments after this (just like the new blog entry comment alert and post alert below...