ams 1.6.6

  1. Bob

    Updated Article Tools: Move Article

    As per title, I've added a Move Article function to the Article Tools. This allows you to move the article without having to the Edit Article and change the Category. This update includes a new Moderator Permission "Move article by anyone". When the viewing Moderator has the permission...
  2. Bob

    Updated Several Layout(HTML)/CSS changes throughout AMS

    As per title, there are several Layout(HTML)/CSS changes throughout AMS in AMS 1.6.6. NOTE: A lot of these changes will be made in RMS, UBS and Showcase as well. Ticker: This block has been updated (both HTML and CSS) to work better out of the box with 3rd party styles. Categories Block...
  3. Bob

    Updated Article Fields: Text input fields are now indexed in search if Field is searchable

    As per title, Text input fields (Single-line text box, Multi-line text box and Rich text box) will now be indexed in search along with the Article Text IF the Field is set as "Searchable" (field must be set as a searchable field). After upgrading, you will want to make sure that any of your...
  4. Voltigeur

    Updated Create Series without creating article first

    I've noticed that the "Create Series" button only appears if a user has already written articles, which necessitates sorting the articles into categories first. Is it possible to make this button always available (create a series first, and then create articles to add to it)? Thanks!