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Not Planned [XF1] Showcase to XenMediaGallery export


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Hi @Bob B,

I know you have XenMediaGallery support in R&D, but that threads locked and i just wanted to ask if you plan on making a export system, so people can convert the galleries for showcase items into XenMediaGallery albums if/when support is added for it.

Way i see it is the albums get converted to XenMediaGallery albums, using the showcase item name as the album name and for the image names and the owner of the album the same as the showcase owner. With the album description being the Showcase description.
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I don't have anything planned like that as I have no idea to what extent the XMG integration will be (if any) at this point. Its all R&D right now (and kinda on the back burner as I am working on 2.2.0 and 2.3.0 at the same time).
That's no problem @Bob B Just feeding you ideas, because i know its best to have stuff added when code is first made than to add them in later :p
I doubt this is anything I'd ever spend time on, so I've marked this as Not Considered for now.