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Not Planned [XF1] Privacy Control for Members


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How tough would it be to give members privacy control over showcase field data they enter? For instance, I would consider allowing them to share certain showcase field data with only logged-in members if they wanted, as opposed to everyone (guests). This is something that one of my members brought up on my vB site, as we display profile field data to everyone, and a few members were concerned about local theft due to people being able to see what's installed on their cars through the site.

Just an idea.
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So you want each individual that creates a showcase item to be able to set each individual custom field to display based on their Privacy rules? Not sure if that is feasible... maybe one check box for the ITEM itself that would limit what users could see. Im afraid that each license holder would have a different opinion on what that content should be tho. Maybe I am not understanding exactly what you want?
Come to think of it, I don't know that I would actually want each field to have privacy controls, then it would be like Facebook. That would get overwhelming real quick. Possibly on a per-item basis, but even then I don't know that giving them the ability to hide data is wise. Maybe the better solution is to just allow them to hide their location profile field in the XF fields if they want. Go ahead and scratch this suggestion.