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Not Planned [XF1] Other place (or second) image upload button



the main purpose of the showcase is to upload images. Due to the slow start of my showcase I tried to figure out what was wrong. One of the points a lot of people pointed out it was unclear for them how to upload images so they stopped.

It might be for us logical, but for the novice user would it be really handy if there would be a second button like straight above the text field where they can upload images. Its not logical for them to see the button next to the create item place.

Can you please consider or just post a solution how to achieve this? Thanks :)
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This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
In addition to this request, I noticed what for me is logical as a long time forum user, it can be for a new user like be really confusing and difficult to understand how things work. Sad to say people don't try to understand anymore, but just give up. I think we should really think about making things easier for novice users.
I don't see how moving a button will change anything. Do they have the same problem with Threads/Posts then as it is EXACTLY the same? The buttons on a thread to make a post are [Post Reply] [Upload a File] [More Options...] & Showcase is [Create Item] [Upload Images to Gallery] [Preview...]

I have to say, none of my members have ever had issues uploading images (to either a post or showcase).

Also, there is MORE to this than just a single "button".

I'll keep this open for discussion, but I don't see how moving a button will solve any problems that your members are having.
For me it's also not logical, but its the feedback I'm getting. So I do understand you completely, I'm also just thinking how I can improve and fix this for my new users. I just met someone who did not know what a forum is, so what is normal for you and me, is like new for them.

But I have made the template edits myself, but it was just a suggestion :)