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Not Planned [XF1] Category tag (for easy identification) of Showcase Items

3rd angle

Hi Bob,

I don't know if this has been suggested or not (i checked it first and could not find it) but it'd be great to have some sort of a category tag of the showcase items. For people like me who's trying to use showcase for different things it'd be great to have some sort of a tag to easily identify the categories.

For example, this is how it looks currently.
scase.jpgAnd it is difficult to understand why there's a cupboard like item showing next to cars.. if we can show the category of each item somewhere above or bottom (your call) then it'd be more intuitive.

Secondly, when we check the showcase items in a member's profile page we see that all items are listed without any clue of the categories the item belong to.... while this could be fine for those using few categories (and related one at that) but for those using many (unrelated) categories it will be a junkyard..
Let's hear your opinion
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In fact the number of views is not so important as much as the category... so if there is a space constraint issue then i would swap "views" with the categories
The Data required to display category details in those blocks is available to that template (both category_id and category_name are in the items arrays). You can modify the look/layout all you want to. That is why I make separate templates with each having their own CSS file. I left Category out because it just did not look good no matter how I laid things out. Category names can be up to 50 characters in length, so no, it will not work where the "views" are.

for example, if you edit the nflj_showcase_module_top_rated_items template you can add the following bit of code to the template (as long as its between the foreach loop) to display the category name as a link to its category page.

<a href="{xen:link showcase-category, $tItem}">{xen:helper snippet, $tItem.category_name, 35}</a>

NOTE: I am using a helper to trim the length of the category name to 35 characters.

NOTE 2: Each item array is "named" differently, so you can't just pop this into ANY template. You need to look at the foreach loop to see what the individual variable name is (in this template, its $tItem). In the Popular Items its pItem and so on.

As far as your 2nd question...

The Items on the Showcase Tab on a members profile not only include the category name, but they are linked to take you directly to the category pages themselves.

some text of the item
member, date, category <--- Category NAME and its linked to the category page.
Ahh..i realized there is a category display just next to the date in profile page.. Perhaps my suggestion should be for making it more distinct and stand out. I will work on the CSS myself.

And for the showcase modules i will tinker and see what comes out..thanks

But first need to buy this...and thats gonna be Tomorrow :)
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We (between the community and myself) can help you with the customization(s) when it comes to that point ;)