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XenPorta2 Blocks

3rd angle

Let me understand this Bob... i am going to showcase 4 items in a xenporta widget... i am wondering how it's gonna look like... i know you have not worked on XP widgets yet... but just how do you envision it..?

Note: the above layout is awesome, and just how i (and any sane internet guy in 2014 would) want it... but just to break the monotonous look i would want to use grid layout too in another widget.. Last time you said the review layout was the other layout i was looking for..

I personally believe that any portal or article or any solution should be flexible enough to accommodate a change in the look to break the monotonous design and give our users a better experience... from UI/UX pov (and i am glad you are doing very well with your addons ).... for example in the example image i attached here... instead of listing down 11 articles/threads (and paginated for more) in the same layout... the grid view starting from the 4th article and another widget for 8-11th article makes the whole page more intuitive.......
I really wish I had time to discuss things that I am not working on, but that takes away development time from the things I am working on. I do not know yet what my plans are for with XenPorta/XenPorta2 and I won't know until I get to a point where I have time to devote to it.

I HAVE to concentrate on the Core Addon right now. BD widgets, XenPorta Blocks, Custom Work all comes after core is done.