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Widget tabs


New Member
A user has mentioned to me if its possible to change the name of the tabs on the blobk to suit that of the category of the bet.


So instead of upcoming, updated, recent, it would show the categorys, ie, football, hockey, racing.

it does make me think this block would look weird if you had more than 3 categories on it though, so would it be possible to maybe do it on this block instead ?

if its possible to change the name of the tabs on the blobk to suit that of the category of the bet.
No. Each of those tabs has specific programming code made to fetch the type of content for the tab... eg.. the Upcoming tab has specific programming code to fetch UPCOMING events.

To do what you are asking would require custom code (if you are talking about the Sidebar Blocks) or a custom [bd] Widget Framework Renderer
You need to be SPECIFIC. I have no idea if you are talking about a widget that you made with the [bd] widget framework or if you are talking about the sidebar block on Sportsbook Home or the Sidebar block for FORUM Home..... they all have their on php code, own options, own templates etc.
for future reference, when asking for support, you really should use the actual NAME of the option when asking about it instead of using terms that don't have anything to do with it. In this case, that is NOT a "WIDGET", its a TM (Template Modification) that inserts content into a specific location on another template. The term "WIDGET" is only used by the [bd] Widget Framework. It is the only addon that creates "widgets".

What that content in your screen shot is, is the "Forum Home Node List Module" (that is its actual NAME on the Sportsbook Options). It is designed to look like the nodes listing (it uses the same Core XenForo template syntax used for the Forum List on the default style). 3rd party styles that CHANGE the default behavior of the node blocks are changing core XF and 3rd party addons can't do anything about that, so there are cases where in order to use this, you will have to tweak the template to compensate for those changes that they made to core XF.

The name of the template is: 'nflj_sportsbook_node_list'. This template is only used for the "Forum Home Node List Module", so modifying it won't effect anything else.

NOTE: You'll notice that the name of the template (as closely as possible) relates to the content (in this case, NODE LIST).

HINT: if you filter the template list by addon name, you can usually find what you are looking for based on template name. Its a simple trick that a lot of people are not aware of and saves you time when trying to find something. Also, searching templates is another handy tool to help find the template you need.


btw, I'd not waste a TON of time on it as its going to be changed anyway. I am moving away from the Simulated Node Block in favor of a redesigned Block that will better expose Sportsbook related content to form home.
I added this to extra.css and it worked as intended.

/* Bookie Node */
.nodeList .node_990{
   margin-bottom: 20px;
   border: 0px solid #eefc09;
   border-radius: 0 0 5px 5px; }
.nodeList  .node_990 .categoryStrip {
   background-color: #2868AD;
   border-top: 3px solid #eefc09;
   border-right: 3px solid #eefc09;
   border-left: 3px solid #eefc09;
   border-bottom: 3px solid #eefc09; }
.nodeList .node_990 .categoryStrip .nodeTitle a {
   color: white; }
/* END - Multi Coloured Category Nodes  */