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Implemented Widget Definition - Showcase: Latest reviews, Display style: Full - Carousel


Staff member
As per title, I've updated the Widget Definition - Showcase: Latest reviews and added a new Display style which allows you to display latest reviews in a Carousel style widget.


I've designed REVIEWS carousel to match the ITEMS carousel as that made the most sense of all the design types I messed around with. As you can see in the screen shot below (top one is Items carousel and the bottom one is reviews carousel), they are near identical, except for a few things (as noted in red in the screenshot).

The TITLE in the reviews carousel takes the viewing user to the review instead of the item. The meta is the REVIEW meta, eg the author of the review (not the author of the item), the review date, the review rating (not the ave item rating), the reaction score of the review (not the reaction score of the item) and the last update (which is the last date the review was edited).

Selection_603 (1).png
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