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When does image gallery tab appears?


New Member
I want to know what I have to enable in order to display the image gallery tab.

Thank you
Options >> Showcase Options >> Item Page TAB >> Display Image Gallery under first tab (needs to be unchecked).

NOTE: There is a category override for this as well, so if you are overriding gallery options for specific categories, you need to check those settings as well.

As mentioned above, each category can override the global options, so make sure the "Display Image Gallery under first tab is also unchecked.

Currently I have some issues. In the page item I don't see a gallery tab but if I click on the discussion tab the gallery tabs appears. Then, if I click on it it redirects me to the item tab and no gallery.

BTW I've attached two images to tab 1 so a gallery tab should be displayed
Inbox me with an Admin CP login (I'll need permission to manage showcase, plus permissions to manage options and styles). I'm going to need to check the templates to see what is wrong. Only thing I can think of is a BAD merge of some sort or a template edit/template modification that is breaking core code.