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What is: "Associate bet by self with event"



I apologize but I am slightly confused as to what this permission does:
"Associate bet by self with event:"

Thank you in advance.

(Sportsbook 1.8.2)
Bets can be associated with Sportsbook Events. An association simply means that when viewing a Sportsbook Event, any BETS related to it will be displayed in a Bets Tab on the Sportsbook Event.

Example, you might have a Sportsbook Event for Raiders vs Broncos. I may make a personal bet with someone about the game, so I can add the sportsbook event ID to my Bet and it will now be associated with that event. Its JUST an association (so others viewing the Sportsbook even can see that that are lots of individual bets to include OPEN bets that people can claim.

That permission simply allows the BET OWNER to add an Event ID to their bet. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less.