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What changes are considered for an item to be "updated"?


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Specifically, if a user makes any edits to custom fields for the item should that change the "last updated" timestamp for the item? If not, shouldn't it?
Never mind, I'm guessing the "post as update" checkbox has to be checked. If not, it won't be considered an update.
EDITS are SILENT, Updates are announced. That is the rule of thumb. You may want to edit and item, change some spelling, but don't want to force an "Update" which makes an announcement to the thread or changes the "updated" date".

Is there a "last edited" timestamp date stored?

yes, dated_edited
yes, dated_edited
Beautiful, that's what I need. I'm working on re-importing some fields but only want to import field data for items that haven't been edited since we migrated and generated all the items for the users. Don't want to overwrite any item data that have been made since. I'll use dated_edited. Thanks Bob.
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