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Resolved Views count


AMS Premium
I'm not sure if I have an issue, or if in fact, I have had as many visitors to a certain post, compared to other posts on my site.

I looked for a cache to rebuild the counts but couldn't find anything. Is there any other way to validate the ams v2.2.2 view count?
View counts are extremely SIMPLE (I use the same exact code and methods as XF (Thread views) and XFRM (Resource Views). Its the most simplistic function in XF/XFRM/Addons. To explain it the lowest level possible, any time a "PAGE" is rendered, that rendering counts as a VIEW, so if someone refreshed that article 1000 times, that would equal 1000 views. There is no storing of each individual view record, so there is nothing that could be used to "rebuild" a view count (that includes Core XF Thread Views and XFRM Resource Views). It could be that A LOT of people are viewing it OR it could be someone that has nothing better to do than sit on their butts hitting refresh over and over and over to make the view count higher. You can do the same with XF Threads and Resources. A better metric for "views" would be Google Analytics.

Hope that make sense. Its nothing you are doing wrong, probably a bored kid lol
Thanks for the feedback. It just seemed odd in comparison to other posts on the same page. Like everyone else, I do see a lot of bots surfing the site too.

Again, thanks.
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