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Users are getting alerts even when they have disabled them


New Member
Why then, having disabled all alerts some time ago, does it show alerts for the new product review/s recently added?
I'm getting alerts for every new review, even though none of those reviews fit any of the configurable parameters shown in the alert preferences.
These are few messages I've received regarding this product review addon. Members have disabled all alerts but they are still getting them.

Any ideas?
Are they confusing the New/Unread Items Indicator (located on Content Navigation Tabs) with the Alert Count Indicator (located on the Alerts Link)? This is a common mistake that a very large number of people make. New Content Indicators are NOT "alerts" (they are not even remotely connected).


If that is the case, the New/Unread Items Indicator can be Globally Disabled via Showcase options. Users also have the ability to enabled/disable this as well in their Browsing Preferences settings (as shown below)

Alert Preferences are ONLY for ALERTS (they don't effect the New Items Indicators on Navigation Tabs for any addon).


NOTE: Alerts for NEW Showcase Items are ONLY sent out when WATCHING A CATEGORY.

Alert Preferences also do not effect Alerts set for WATCHED CATEGORIES. Each Watched Category has its OWN preferences (so that you can watch Category A, G, X and get alerts for them and watch category Z, J, K and not get alerts from them, but get emails instead.

As you can see in the below image, this category is set to send alerts when new items are created for it and any of its sub categories.


My guess is that they are either talking about the New Items indicator (which is not an alert) or they are watching Categories and having Alerts sent for those categories when new showcase items are created.