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Use parent category in itemdetails


I have set up 3 parent categories, all with the same children, so it gets a bit confusing with only the children category. Anyone have any good ideas to visualize this?
I think the best comparison would be games for multiple platforms (parents), all with the same children categories. Right now it shows something like:
Username, Yesterday at 3:45 PM, Adventure

Above makes it a bit difficult to know what platform the game is for. What I want is to have it display something like:
Username, Yesterday at 3:45 PM, Adventure game for PC

Or something similar. Not saying by default it is confusing, just with my set-up it is.
Ah.. ya, I see the challenge. Not really much can be done about that beyond naming the category Adventure games for PCs. Seems like a TAG system would be more appropriate for what you want to do.
Might have to think some more about it, cause I am not sure how I want to achieve it, all I know is that I want users to instantly know what platform each item on the frontpage is for, without having to click on it. Have to take a look at the template and see if I can hack something together. Just struck me that maybe having an icon for each platform would be a better visual aid...

Been looking allot at the showcase lately, and had a few ideas all swirling in my head.
Is category image somehow available every time an item is displayed?

I was thinking of using the category image and overlay that on the thumbnail of the item, but if I am going to put that effort in to it, I want to be that way everywhere I use it, like the slider on forum home, showcase index etc.
Category image is exposed, but the priority is Cover Image, so you'd have to modify the templates if you wanted to force the use of category image over the cover image.
I was more thinking of placing the category image over the cover image somehow, or maybe to the right of the title.

I managed to overlay the category image on top of the item thumbnail. If anyone want to do something similar, I used this answer at stackoverflow as a base: http://stackoverflow.com/a/403510
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