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Unsettle or edit a settled event?


New Member
Is there any way to easily unsettle an event? I settled an event in which some of the outcomes did not have a chance to occur. So I really should have deleted them before settling. However, I did not and there is money out there that should be returned. Is there an easy way for me to do this?
Nope, its not something that can be reversed. The settlement process is rather complex (its actually several looped steps that make changes to several fields in multiple tables). Without going into more technical details, it is impossible to "reverse" for many reasons.

In situations like this (which I've done myself), the easiest thing to do is manually give them cash back via what ever cash system you are using. If you are using sportsbook cash, you can edit the user and manually change their amount of on hand cash (not a lot of people are aware of this).