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Announcement The Products Section and Customer Accounts are back online along with a new Tickets System!

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As per title, the new Products Section and Customer Accounts are back online.

Still offline is the CART for purchasing products. In its place is a "Purchase request", which basically starts a conversation with me where we step through the order process manually via PayPal Invoicing. Super simple process that I've had available for years now and have processed 1000's of PayPal Invoices for new purchases.

Same system is in place for Support/Updates extensions (which 100% of extensions for the past 15 years have been handled manually, so this is nothing new to existing license holders ;) )

The new Tickets System is the ONLY place for support other than Threads in the Support Forums. NO MORE SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED VIA CONVERSATIONS! YOU WILL NEED TO USE THE TICKET SYSTEM INSTEAD!

Please report any BUGS via a Ticket or Conversation. DO NOT POST THEM PUBLICLY!
Not open for further replies.