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Support User Tagging in Comments


Hi Bob,

As you can see XenForo 1.3 implemented @ User tagging in profile comments & reply to comments. It would be ideal if you could follow the same thing in the Showcase item Comments & Reply to comments.

Thank you!
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As I mentioned in the other thread, I don't have any plans at all to work on the existing comments system. I'd rather spend the time working on a NEW comments system. I'll mark this as "considered", but it will be for the New system, not the existing.
Marked as partially implemented.

You can now Tag users in both Comments and Replies to comments, however, users won't receive an alert saying they were tagged if they also are receiving an alert for that same comment (ie, if they are the item owner, they get an alert for the new reply anyway.. same with the comment owner.... tagging a comment owner in their own comment won't send 2 alerts)... hope that makes sense.

Reason for marked as "partially" is that during the beta and rc periods, this may be adjusted slighting based on bugs/feedback.

@Veer make sense?
Along with this, I've added a new alert preference so users can choose whether they want to receive alerts for being tagged in comments or replies to comments.

[ ] Tags you in a comment or reply
Someone tags you in a comment or reply on someone's item
As you can see in the image below, user tagging is allowed in both comments and replies to comments.