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Sidebar Image Gallery - width?


SC Premium
Hopefully this is a simple one. My sidebar is narrower than the default so the sidebar gallery images overhang.

Where can I change the size of the thumbnails displayed there?
That large sidebar image is sized by javascript. at the bottom of the item template (nflj_showcase_item), you will find a chunk of javascript that controls the heigh and width. Currently it is set to width:220 and height:170

        <script type="text/javascript">
            jQuery(document).ready(function() {
Cheers, that worked.

I just wanted to check, that resize runs on every page load doesn't it? When I load the page I see the large image and then it shrinks to the correct size.
Ya, it resizes dynamically on the fly. There is no way to cache it that I am aware of. Hoping that once development kicks up again that we might see more "image" type functionality down the road, plus getting jQuery upgraded within core XF will open up more options for developers as well :)