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Showcase URL


Not sure if this is the correct place for these kinds of questions, but how could I change the default URL for showcase? I've changed the phrases I needed but I would like the URL to be /betabase instead of /showcase.

install Jake's route changer addon. That addon is specifically built for administrators to quickly and easily change routes. Routes are not simple "edits" which is why using Jakes addon is the best way to go. It works flawlessly with all my addons. There are multiple people here that use it specifically for showcase.
Thanks, Bob! That worked great but still one thing I can't seem to change with it.

At the main page of my showcase, I was able to change /showcase to /whateverIwant, but when I go to a showcase item, it still shows /showcase-item/itemname.1/. Do you know of some way I can change showcase item to be the same value as what I changed /showcase too?

And one step further, is it possible to designate URL's of individual showcase items? So instead of /itemname.24/ I could make it /item-name/?
That is because 'showcase-item' (one word) is also a route. It too can be changed just like the route 'showcase'. There are actually 8 routes that showcase uses (6 Public and 2 ACP).

The 24 is the unique Item ID and is an important part of the URL, so no.

URLs in xenforo are: route/non-pertinent-info.unique_id/action ie showcase-item/220-gallon-main-reef-tank.6/edit