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Implemented Showcase item BBCode


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As you know, in XFMG each media has a bbcode, and in editor we have button that we can click on it and embed one of our medias.
The important point is that when we embed a media in our post, it will show all its tabs and comment system and ... inside our content.
This will be awesome if we have a button in our editor that when we click on it, we see a list of items that we submitted and be able to insert them into our posts or anywhere that editor is activated.

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In what situations would you use this? Could you describe an example?
We have different categories in our showcase. Like books, lawyers, softwares, services, companies and...
Also we have other parts in our xf like shop, Resources, and... Where we sell or share books and other products.
Now in our showcase each category has lots of dedicated custom fields and users can introduce the item in best way.

Now imagine this: a user submits different items to showcase himself as a lawyer an his book in other category and his office and his services (4 showcase items in 4 different categories that each of them has special custom fields) then he submits a product in our shop or resources. The product is his book. Now he wants to write in description of resource or product about his book and himself and his services (3). One way is to write them all again. The other way is to link to their showcase item page. But the best way is to put a piece of code of the items in the description (or use a button in editor to choose showcase items) and show them right inside the descriptions (just like what we can do with XFMG). Users also prefer this than to click on links and moving to other pages to write about them.
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Why should the button only show the items that the user has submitted and not items that others have submitted. If user A would like to post about the book that user B has posted then why should he not be able to do so?

For me its exactly this what makes the XFMG button trivial.