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Implemented Richest members sidebar block

This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Core XF sidebar or are you using XenPorta or BD Widget Framework to replace the core XF Sidebar?

If Core XF Sidebar, I'd have to add a tiny chunk of code to one of the files, then add an option to the Forum Home Tab in the Sportsbook Options area.

If XenPorta or BD Widget, it would require creating a Block or Widget.
I use widget framework.

I tried just cutting the ricjest members sidebar bit out of the stats template and creating a template to use in frame work, but it didn't work lol :)
That won't work because the DATA it needs isn't available (it needs to be properly exposed to specific locations). I have a couple other widget/block/sidebar requests and would like to do them all at the same time (to save time) so if you can wait for a couple weeks, I could toss this into the mix.
This has been implemented...

I've added the ability to display the Richest Members block on the Core XF Forum Home sidebar as well as created a [bd] Widget Framework renderer that allows you to create Richest Members widgets.

To enable the Forum Home sidebar block, just go to Options >> Sportsbook >> Forum Home Tab >> Richest Members Sidebar Block (and enter the amount of Members you want to display).

If you are using the [bd] Widget Framework, create a widget using the new renderer "Sportsbook: Richest Members".

Both options have their own separate templates, so you can modify one without effecting the other.