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Review Management System "Reviews" Phrase?


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I have a use case that I think the RMS add-on fits nicely for, but it's not for "Reviews". I poked around on the demo site using the Admin1 account, but that user doesn't have full admin rights, so I couldn't find the answer to some of my questions.

Is the term "Reviews" setup as a XF Phrase so I can rename it to whatever I like? Or is there another way to rename the "Reviews" feature to something else?
Everything is PHRASED (via the XF Phrase System), so it would just be a matter of editing each specific phrase that has the term "review" used in it. There are 1000's of Phrases in RMS and XF does not have a search AND replace, just a search, so it will require a bit of work, but is doable.

You can also edit the ROUTE FILTER to change the main route 'reviews' to something else. You'd want to do that before going live as you wouldn't want content being indexed by Google and then changing the route as that would break indexed links.
Cool. I think this could work for my use-case then. Is there a trial license that I can play with for a week or two to prove out my idea to myself before I fully commit?