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Showcase Review Site

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by Lucidpage, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Lucidpage

    Lucidpage New Member SC Premium

    1. Say I want to set up a site that allows my users to review TRACTORS. If I input a list of tractor Manufacturers as CATEGORIES, I assume I can then enter Models under those manufacturers as SUBCATEGORIES, correct?

    2. Can I then limit my visitors to ONLY writing reviews of the Manufacturers/Models that 1 have created categories for?

    3. Can I output the AVERAGE rating for each Manufacturer/Model?

    4. Can I output a list of the HIGHEST RATED and MOST POPULAR models, bot overall and within each Manufacturer category?

    For reference to the type of resource I'm trying to create, please have a look at this page >>>> Tractor Guide - TractorByNet.com

    Is SHOWCASE a good tool for me to use to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    WHY would you do it this way.

    What you SHOULD do is create a Manufacture Category (Versatile) and then create ITEMS for each Model of Tractor aka HHT 4WD Series 575 hp. Then the Farmers (Users) that OWN that model of tractor can post a USER review on that Showcase Item "HHT 4WD Series 575 hp". The Showcase Item (the Tractor) would then have an overall average rating based on the Framers that have "Reviewed" that Tractor. When Farmers look at showcase, they can view the "HHT 4WD Series 575 hp" showcase item and read all the farmers reviews on that tractor. When viewing the CATEGORY (Versatile), you can then sort the Tractors by Rating, Reviews, Date, Likes etc.

    What YOU would do.
    • Create the Categories.
    • Create the Prefixes
    • Create the Custom Fields
    • Create the Custom Review Fields
    What YOU and Selected Staff Members or Manufactures would do.
    • Create Showcase Items (tractors).
    What your users would do.
    • Create User Reviews on the Showcase Items (tractors)
    • Post Comments on the Showcase Items (tractors)

    It would not make ANY sense to have each FARMER create a Showcase Item for the same Tractor.

    Example, here is what you CATEGORY structure could/should look like. The Manufactures would be your TLC (Top Level Categories) and each Manufacture would have sub categories (as deep and as many as you need).

    -- Tractors
    -- -- 4WD Tractors
    -- -- MFWD Tractors
    -- -- Scraper Tractors
    -- Tillage
    -- -- Discs
    -- -- Cultivator
    John Deer
    -- Tractors
    -- -- Compact Utility Tractors

    You would then POPULATE those categories with Showcase Items.

    Versatile (TLC)
    -- Tractors (Sub Cat 1)
    -- -- 4WD Tractors (Sub Sub Cat 1)
    -- -- -- DeltaTrack Models 450-550 T4I (Showcase Item)
    -- -- -- 4WD Models 350-550 T4I (Showcase Item)
    -- -- -- HHT 4WD Model 575 (Showcase Item)
    -- -- MFWD Tractors (Sub Sub Cat 2)
    -- -- Scraper Tractors (Sub Sub Cat 3)

    User can now see the Categories, with Showcase Items in them and can Rate/Review the Showcase Items (Tractors).

    Versatile (TLC)
    -- Tractors (Sub Cat 1)
    -- -- 4WD Tractors (Sub Sub Cat 1)
    -- -- -- DeltaTrack Models 450-550 T4I (Showcase Item)
    -- -- -- -- Bob's Review of the DeltaTrack Models 450-550 T4I
    -- -- -- -- Freds's Review of the DeltaTrack Models 450-550 T4I
    -- -- -- -- Art's Review of the DeltaTrack Models 450-550 T4I
    -- -- -- -- Mikes's Review of the DeltaTrack Models 450-550 T4I

    Those Reviews affect the Showcase Items Overall Rating.

    This is doing what that review site you pointed me to is doing, cept Showcase is MUCH more visually pleasing and much more powerful.
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  3. Lucidpage

    Lucidpage New Member SC Premium

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