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Prefix Management - usage ideas


New Member
I have a motorcycle forum on which I installed the Showcase. I'm not sure how I could use the Prefix feature. I realize that I may not have a need for it but I'm looking for ideas on how others have used it or how I could use it. Thanks.
I have a motorcycle forum too.
I use the prefix for the manufacturer (BMW, Aprilia, Honda Suzuki .......) and the models like ( GSX-R1000 K1/2 - K3/4 - K5/6 .............)
Prefixes are great for being able to filter out things you don't and just get a listing of things you want to see.. They work in conjunction with Categories. Some people don't like to have 100's of categories and instead they'd rather have a shorter list of Categories and use Prefixes to be able to filter down..


-- 3 WHeeler
-- Dirt Bike
-- Trail Bike
-- Mini Bike


Having only Honda and then creating Prefixes for the 4 sub cats instead.


YOu can also do things like Ride of the Week or Month.... Then people can filter by that prefix and have a list of all the "Ride of the Month" showcases.