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Post Installation Steps for Showcase 2.8.1


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Just did this upgrade today and found that all the phrases were overwritten. This was unexpected.

I can see some template changes were overwritten as well.

Is there anything else that needs to be checked/reimplemented post-upgrade?

The release notes state only to Rebuild Ratings and Reviews.

all the phrases were overwritten.
That would only happen if you had edited the MASTER PHRASES (which is only possible with Debug Mode enabled).

You NEVER edit MASTER TEMPLATES or MASTER PHRASES because those get OVERWRITTEN on every single XenForo Updgrade (that is how XenForo works). MASTER Temlpates and Phrases are for XenForo Developer or Addon Developers

If there is a CHANGE to a phrase, XenForo alerts you that there are outdated phrases and you would have to manually handle those changes within all of your languages.

I can see some template changes were overwritten as well.
This will only happen IF you had edited a MASTER TEMPLATE. XenForo only attempts to MERGE Changes to customized templates, it will NEVER remove any customization. If it can't be merged, you will see an OUTDATED templates notification and would have to resolve those conflicts manually. This is how xenforo id designed so that you don't automatically lose any customization. This is all handled by XenForo, not individual addons.

As for the Post Upgrade steps, you need to run any steps (only once) that are between the version that you were ON (like SC 2.6.3 through the version you upgraded too). If there were several versions that all have similar steps (like Rebuild Items), you only need to run the Rebuild Items ONCE (no need to run the same thing 5 or 6 times).

btw, it can't HURT to run the rebuilds, you won't break anything by running them.