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Resolved Post from the forum to article


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AMS Premium
Hi, can I turn a forum post to an article?
So you do not have to rewrite it twice and have the link to the forum.

Thank you
AMS has a feature that allows you to convert a THREAD into an ARTICLE. This function uses the thread record data (Title, Date etc) and the First Post data (message, likes, attachments etc) to create the Article. There is also an option that lets you convert all of the posts in that thread to comments within the article (they will be deleted from the thread). The Thread will then be associated with the Article (similar to how the XenForo Resource Manager has associated discussion threads attached to Resources).

NOW, in the case that you have a single post in a thread that you want to convert into an article, what you can do is use one of the XenForo Moderation Tool's "Move Posts" or "Copy Posts" to move (or copy) that single post into a New Thread of its own (so that the post is now post #1 of the thread). Then you can use the Convert Thread to Article Moderation Tool to create an Article from that Post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: you need to set the User Group permission for this feature. Its located with the Forum Moderator Permissions (so that it can be set on a per Node basis).