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Fixed Player count

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New Member
XenForo Version String: XenForo 2.0.9

Addon Version String: Pickem 2.0.0 Beta 2

Can you reproduce it here? No

If you join a pool via the forums, then head over to admin, delete yourself, join again, the player count does not change.

So initially, the player count was 1 when i joined (correct).
Then i deleted myself via admin side and joined again via forums.

Player count should still be 1 but its showing as 2, so it did not change back to 0 when i deleted myself via admin.

Now the count is always +1 ahead.
So now I have 2 joined players, but the player count is showing as 3.

Hope that makes sense.
This has been fixed in the next release (or rather, implemented).

Note: After upgrading, you can run the rebuild pools function (Admin CP >> Tools >> Rebuild caches >> Pickem: Rebuild pools) which will fix any players counts that might be off because of deleting them from the Pool Administration.
Not open for further replies.