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Implemented og:image and og:type meta tags


Staff member
I've updated the og:image and og:type meta tags for AMS Articles.

The og:image will use the Cover Image (if set). This comes in handy when sharing to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.

I've also changed the og:type from 'website' to 'article' (which is what is recommended for the type of content that a AMS Article is).

Here are a couple examples of the og:image coming into play when sharing an AMS Article to via social sharing tools (in this example, sharing to Twitter).



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I've made a few tweaks while testing and added in Category Image support.

Note: Just so everyone understands, just because you HAVE a Cover Image set or have a Category Image set, that does not mean that the social network (Twitter, Facebook etc) will accept either of the images. They have code on their end that will determine whether to use the OG image that is being set by the source.

Note 2: CACHE comes into play with social networks. For example, if you are testing and you share an article to twitter, you can't delete that share from twitter, change the cover image and share again (as the old tweet is cached for that URL). If you want to TEST, you need to test smartly (create dummy content, and don't reuse it). Create, Share, Delete (rinse and repeat).

Important Note: Most social networks have a MINIMUM required size for og images. This means that You can't upload an ICON for Category Images. Both Twitter and Facebook require images over 400px, so using small category images is probably not going to cut it.