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Fixed Not putting a review summary

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If you don't put a review summary, but still fill in the pros/cons/title fields, the review does not show up. Is this a bug or am I not doing something properly? Is there a way to make the review summary a mandatory field? Members get a "your review was submitted successfully"and then nothing shows up.

For the moment I've changed the phrase at the summary to say "ATTENTION THIS IS MANDATORY" but I'm sure there must something else I can do :D
It might be a bug. I can't remember off the top of my head the exact functionality that is supposed to happen with that. Pretty sure that trying to submit without a summary should throw an error and not a success.
Can we please confirm this is a bug of the add-on and fix it? It's causing headaches on my website, as some times members don't fill in the review summary and then there is NO way to edit the review or rating, I need to go into the database!
I can't reproduce it, but thats not saying that it still can't be a bug....

I've got code that checks specifically for both TITLE and SUMMARY. If you submit a review without a summary, it throws an error

I do not know how they are bypassing that as you can clearly see below that I've filled in a title, pros, cons and no Summary... when I hit submit, it throws an error.


I think I might know what your issue is. You probably don't have "If enabled, users must submit a review when rating an item." set and on pre save, it checks for the Summary message and sets it as a RATE instead of a review, which in turn won't display it (yet the data is stored).

Im going to change a few things on both presave in the DW and in the controller that should help out with this.
moved this into the bugs forum for tracking. I'll probably post a fix that you can manually apply until the next release comes out.
This will fix your particular issue.. This now checks to see if any data is in any of the 4 review fields and if so, presets the submission as a review. You can now submit a review without a Summary (unless you have it set to force a review in which case a summary is required)

edit file: library/NFLJ/Showcase/DataWriter/RateReview.php

replace this (appx lines 119-122):
        if ($this->get('summary_message'))
            $this->set('is_review', 1);

with this:
        if ($this->get('review_title') || $this->get('pros_message') || $this->get('cons_message') || $this->get('summary_message'))
            $this->set('is_review', 1);
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