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Moving user reviews

Discussion in 'Showcase Suggestions' started by joec, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. joec

    joec New Member AMS Showcase

    Is there a way to move reviews from one item to another (for cases like duplicate items)?
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    I moved this into suggestions as there is no existing function for handling the moving of user reviews, however I can appreciate that there is a need for it.

    IIRC, there is an existing suggestion for merging Items which would include moving user reviews into from the source item to the target item.
  3. joec

    joec New Member AMS Showcase

    While that merge would be great, occasionally we have users who post reviews to the wrong product, and the ability to move reviews from one item to another would be great. (Then in relation to the merge possibility, we could just remove the erroneous product, if we move all of the reviews to a more appropriate item.)

    Thank you for taking the time to read and consider any of the suggestions given. While we hope that a move review option comes to fruition, we appreciate that you've given it thought.
  4. joec

    joec New Member AMS Showcase

    Hi Bob!

    I just wanted to revisit this one, as it's something we still would love to see, even if in the Merge Product method. Is this still a possibility? We have some old reviews under products that we'd love to consolidate, but we don't want to have to change the date/time stamp on their posting. Is this still a feature being considered?
  5. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Both Move and Merge are being considered for the XF2 version of all my addons that have reviews functionality (Showcase, AMS, RMS and UBS). Also, Reassign and Change Date is also being considered (its already in use within the XF1 version of RMS and really comes in handy).
  6. joec

    joec New Member AMS Showcase

    Is RMS available for use/examination? And if so, is there a tool to import all Showcase content into it?

    In regard to Showcase XF1, the re-assign feature can work great in the mean time for brand new reviews, but our legacy content is where it gets a bit dicey, and if there was a way to do this, it'd make our lives so much easier.

    Thank you for considering these features, Bob, and we appreciate the time and dedication you are putting into these great add-ons.
    Bob likes this.
  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    When you have time, please start a conversation with me here to discuss RMS availability.

    Yes, RMS has a Showcase to RMS importer.
  8. joec

    joec New Member AMS Showcase

    Thanks, Bob!
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