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More than 1 "winner"


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How do handle weekly pools with multiple people getting the same amount of points?

(for entering in user.ids for 1st / 2nd / 3rd)

Each league should have its own Tie Breaking Procedures. For example, what I do for my NFL pools is use the scored of the Sunday Night Game (first tie breaker) and Monday Night game (2nd tie breaker) as breakers... members have to post what they think the total points will be without going over. Closest to the correct total wins.

I'll be adding some stuff in for this eventually. It won't automatically handle it mind you, but it will let you set up tie breakers for each league and will require input by users when they make their picks.
Sounds good... I use this for local leagues and the average amount of games per week in a pool is 5 ... an automatic feature of total goals (soccer/hockey) or points (football/basketball) for the week in the picks user interface would be perfect - just need to add up all the numbers the admin inputs on each game outcome.