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Line break after prefix

Traveling Tartar

New Member
SC Premium
Trying... Failed :cry:

How would I insert a <br> between the prefix and the title of the showcase in any of the displays? I've managed to create a margin increase to the prefix, but I can't find in which template to insert (or how to do it), a line break.

The right hand image has the break naturally due to the size of the prefix, the one on the left looks awful.



[GALLERY=media, 26]Screenshot by Traveling Tartar posted Oct 16, 2015 at 6:29 PM[/GALLERY]
There really isn't a decent way to handle this cept to remove the prefix from the title line (not sure if you are open to that or not.... IMO, the featured blocks don't need it). A lot of the new stuff I am developing I actually have options to display the prefix or not (in various blocks and layouts). You certainly CAN add a html break to the templates, however, that will lead to other issues with the block (because of the way the block is designed).

Are you using the Modular Layout or is that the Featured Items Slider (they use different templates, so before I can point you into a direction that you can do some customization, I need to know which one it is).
Hey Bob, thanks for getting back to me.
I'm guessing it's the modular layout. As for the use of the prefix, the problem is that my showcase categories matter in this case. You might have two seemingly similar items/concepts/entries that are actually in rather different categories so the prefix helps to guide the user to the right review more quickly. For me, just me, in a perfect world, we would have more control over prefixes, not just inline-block vs. block, for instance, but maybe the option of size difference with the text and/or the possiblity, as discussed, of putting them both on separate lines. Obviously, if all this gets too hacky or complicated, then I'll probably do as you suggested and remove them for now.

{will post a couple of suggestions separately, and write a proper review, but want to just say here that Showcase is an excellent add-on}