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Showcase keeping members within showcase


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sorry, i couldn't come up with a better title.

i want to use this as game reviews. i want a tab and link which im sure i can rename to reviews.

what is stopping me from buying atm is:

the way i has XFRM set up is to keep everyone in there, not be redirected to a forum or thread.

members can simply reply to any thing added in XFRM as a normal post reply with bbcode avatar etc, with no mention of blah blah has submitted a new resource above. on my forum that part (submitted) gets created somewhere else which is hidden. so members can stay within the XFRM and not be redirected to the forums to talk about it, or reply in the built in comments with no bbcode. reviews can be seen and added without going anywhere either.

im wondering if i can do the same with showcase please? because as soon as i hit discussion in the demo i end up in the forums/threads.

so basically, after a new showcase is created, the discussion is below like in my link. or at least the discussions link doesn't redirect you back to the forums. if i hit discuss this, i stay in showcase topic, that way if someone reply's, they stay in showcase to look at other stuff after they reply, rather than go from showcase to forums and back to showcase link again to look at something else.

hope this makes sense, thanks.
i have done a lot of reading about this mod, maybe i missed something. Maybe this is the answer: Editor for Comments
i think this does have the option to comment and stay in showcase (with rich text, bbcode etc?), but just asking just encase, as im not able to test this function.

EDIT: ok, got me answer lol. 1969 Boss 429
would be good to look like forum post layout. does the job tho thx.


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EDIT: ok, got me answer lol. 1969 Boss 429
would be good to look like forum post layout. does the job tho thx.
Yes, was going to mention that you should configure showcase to use the comments system instead of discussion thread integration. Renaming the Showcase Tab in the Navigation to Reviews is simply a phrase edit. You'd probably want to create a route filter to change the 'showcase' route to 'reviews' or 'game-reviews' as well.