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Implemented Items Slider: Home Page & Category Pages

Discussion in 'Showcase Closed Suggestions' started by Bob, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    The "Featured Items" options for Showcase Home and Showcase Categories have been RENAMED to Home Page Items Slider and Category Page Items Slider.

    The reason for the name change is because they no longer are limited to just "featured" content. You can now choose the fetching type (by sort order) eg, fetch the most POPULAR Items instead of being limited to just fetching "Featured" Items. There are also some NEW options like "Fresh Content Cutoff" and "Remove Slider Items from Item Lists" that can enhance the user experience for your site.

    Fresh Content Cutoff: This is designed to make sure that FRESH content (newly published) is exposed vs historical content. eg, if you set the cutoff to 7, then it will only fetch content that has been published within the past 7 days. This way you can get the most Popular content over the past 7 days vs most popular of all time.

    Remove Slider Items from Item Lists: This option is for those of you that don't want an Item to be displayed in the Content List if its already being displayed in the Slider.

    Here is what the new Home Page Items Slider options look like.


    Here is what the new Category Page Items Slider options look like.


    NOTE: You can override the above global category settings on a Per Category basis to use the settings made on the Category Page Options for the slider.

    Here you can see what the Slider Items Options Override looks like for an individual category.

    Last edited: Jan 28, 2016
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  2. Dadparvar

    Dadparvar Member AMS Premium CAS Premium RMS Premium SC Premium UBS Premium


    This is something related to that "Slider Option" tab (That we are waiting for its coming soon... ;))? Or that would be something different?

    Is there any Gif of what it would be in front-end please?
  3. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member


    Nothing with the Slider itself changed. Its the same one that is in place right now. What changed is what I described above which is additional OPTIONS SETTINGS pertaining to Fetching the Content that will be displayed.
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