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It is possible to browse "all" categories?


New Member
Is there a simple way to browse the content of all categories - for example if you just want to browse everything but don't want to go through the single categories?
Could you maybe send me a quote to do something as seen below via conversation message?

Technically it should be easy by just changing the part where it throws the "category not found" page and modifying the query to WHERE parent_category_id > 0

I would be happy with a dirty cod hack like that which just shows all items if a wrong category was selected.

I would do this myself, but as I am very new to the XF framework I would not even know where to start :)
I might have some time this coming week :)

What "seems" easy is not always "easy" I can tell you that its a lot more complicated than changing a single line of code.
I agree, being a developer myself I know the issues :) I just terribly suck with the XF framework so it's like something totally new if you are not used to it or know where to look for stuff :) Would be different if I just created something myself, but searching and replacing stuff in third party code is always a pain.

However, maybe it is really more simple if I think different. I do think it would be easier to just allow pagination on the recent items on the main page right? Or do yu think it is as complex as adding a "god category" :) I woud be perfectly happy if you could just get a modification done that allows to browse the start page for the recent items. No need for anything else as I just use most recent anyways. Please do send me a quote for that.

Thanks :)
Its actually pretty easy once you understand the architecture :) Plus, you MUST have an IDE. There is no way you can efficiently and effectively program without an IDE.