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Inline Moderation for Items, Comments and Reviews


Hi Bob,

In the recent days, I descovered many situations where some users commented the same messages many time and some time new comers posted link in comments or inappropriate messages and I wanted to select these comments at the same time and perform actions like Delete. But its missing the facility.

It would be nice if you could add that in an upcoming version.

Thank you!
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This has been accelerated by a license holder that put a significant donation down to have this functionality included in the next major version.
Couple extra quick notes pertaining to inline moderation.

Items can be inline moderated on the "New Items" page as well as Showcase Home, Category and Member pages.

Inline Moderation of Showcase Items is only available for List View and Grid View (It is not available for Modular view).

I've added a new option to display the "New Items" page in either List View or Grid View (previous versions forced Grid View only).

Here is an example of what Inline Moderation looks like when using Grid View. Deleted items have their cover images opaque, titles muted/striked and the core xf icon for deleted content in the upper right corner of the cover image. Items in moderation have their cover images opaque, container uses the @primaryLightest color and has the core xf icon for moderated content in the upper right corner of the cover image.