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Sportsbook How would it play out with points?

Discussion in 'Pre-Sale Questions' started by mauzao9, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. mauzao9

    mauzao9 Member Showcase Sportsbook

    Hello there,

    I see that there's an option to use Trophy Points instead of the virtual currency, meaning it would impact the player trophy points directly.

    This just brings me the question, as I have usergroup promotions based on number of points, if the user bets and looses his points would that mean it would also loose his usergroup promotion by not fitting the criteria anymore? Would the trophy points be re-calculated if i rebuilt the forum cache or would it just count the points of the new trophies?

  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Using Trophy Points has been in Sportsbook since XF 1.0.0 (five years). I've not once heard of anyone that has had any problems.


    I don't know. Easy enough to try out tho. Just edit the trophy points field in your user record to 0 and then run the rebuilds.

    Trophy Points was added as an option, because AT THE TIME, there were NO Points/Cash/Credits addons available for XenForo. There are several addons now that handle points/credits/cash, so IMO, it would be better to use something that is actually MADE for points/cash/credits tracking rather than something that was not.
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