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Resolved How to upgrade AMS


New Member
AMS Premium
Hi. I've downloaded the latest AMS 2.2.16. Can't find where to import it in my admin panel :). It's an upgrade by the way. I already have AMS installed.
ALL XF2 addons are installed and upgraded in the same manner.

Have you read through this? If not, read through it and see if that helps any :)

Add-ons - XenForo 2 Manual

The EASIEST way is to enable the Control Panel Install/Upgrade (which is explained in the XF manual (via the above link).

If you'd rather have me do it for you, just start a conversation with me and I will be happy to help out :)
Hi Bob. It's ok I've found it now :) And done the upgrade. I forgot after a hectic few months.

Another query though - my AMS home page is displaying differently (that was before the upgrade by the way and still the same. Instead of three photos/articles per row it is two bigger ones and photos a bit stretched/
We (well, Alvin did) found the issue. The browser Tab that he was viewing the site on was ZOOMED in. Once he reset that, everything was fine :)