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How to remove image

You don't remove that. That is the NO IMAGE place holder that is there on purpose (as that block requires an image.. either a cover image or the no image place holder if the item has no image). What you need to do is edit that Showcase Item and upload an image to it so that the Showcase Item has a Cover Image.

btw, there are settings that you can set for each of the SLIDERS to require items that have images (which would me that this particular item would never be fetched since it does not have a cover image).

Some advice. If you are learning how to use Showcase, you should create several DUMMY items and make sure they have IMAGES uploaded to them. The entire point of Showcase is to SHOW OFF content visually, so you should always have images uploaded to your items :)
That was a test item that I created an the no image was showing up on the showcase, so I unchecked require image on user profile and it went away, but it started showing up on the forum list. That screenshot was of the forum list. What if I don't want image pictures to show up on the showcase home or on the forum list?
What if I don't want image pictures to show up on the showcase home or on the forum list?
Showcase is a HUGE addon that has configuration settings on a per section basis (giving the Admin FINE control and flexibility instead of 1 option that controls everything).

The Showcase Options are TABBED by major area.. eg, Home Page = Showcase Home Page, Category Page = Showcase Category Pages, Item Page = Options that pertain to a showcase Item etc etc etc. You can see that FORUM HOME has its OWN TAB of options.


Example, the SLIDER for Showcase Home page is named "Home Page Slider" and is on the Home Page tab. The options you set here only pertain to the Slider on Showcase Home.


And if you click on the Forum home Tab, you will find Form Home Items Slider options. Setting these control the slider on Forum Home.

I'll be in the office all week in case you have questions about specific settings. I'd probably try and stay away from the Advanced stuff until you are comfortable with all the basic settings. Just know that I will get back to you as soon as I can (unless I am sleeping or in a meeting lol)