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How to display more characters (Item description)?


New Member
Firstly, this is an amazing add-on, and exactly what I was looking for.

I’m using the List View, and the description (or "snippet") displays only 149 characters. Is there a way to display all of the 250 characters in the description?

Kind Regards,

The layout design is not that great for displaying a large amount of text which is why its default capped at 150. With that said, a simple template edit will do the trick for you :)

template: nflj_showcase_layout_list_view_item

Find this block of template syntax:
            <div class="description">
                <xen:if is="{$item.item_state} == 'deleted'">
                    <span class="deletionNote">{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_this_item_has_been_deleted}
                        <xen:if is="{$item.delete_user_id}">
                            {xen:phrase nflj_showcase_item_deleted_by_x, 'name={xen:helper username, {xen:array "user_id={$item.delete_user_id}", "username={$item.delete_username}"}}'}, <xen:datetime time="{$item.delete_date}" /><xen:if is="{$item.delete_reason}">, {xen:phrase reason}: {$item.delete_reason}</xen:if>.
                <xen:else />
                    <span>{xen:if '{$item.description}', '{xen:helper snippet, $item.description, 150}', '{xen:helper snippet, $item.message, 150}'}</span>

towards the bottom of that block, you will find this line of code:
                    <span>{xen:if '{$item.description}', '{xen:helper snippet, $item.description, 150}', '{xen:helper snippet, $item.message, 150}'}</span>

Simply change both instances of 150 to 250 (or what ever amount you want).
That worked perfectly! Thank you very much.

I’m not sure what it’s called, but is there a way to hide the side panel that displays the rating, views, & likes?

You'd need to modify the layout. Its not something that is designed to be an ON/OFF for that layout, in fact, its pretty much the point of that layout.

Why not use Article View instead of List View?