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Filter System Enhancements


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I've made a couple enhancements to the Filter System for Showcase (available on all showcase pages that use the List View and Grid View)

I've add 2 new "Type" Filters ("Reviewed" and "Rated") to give users the ability to filter items by whether they have been Rated or whether they have been Reviewed.

Featured: returns items that have been marked as featured
Rated: returns items that have at least 1 rating
Reviews: returns items that have at least 1 review

I've added "Rating" Filters ("5 Stars", "4 Stars +", "3 Stars +", "2 Stars +") to give users the ability to filter items by their rating average. This is its own Filter, so you can combine it with the "Type" and "Prefix" filters.

5 Stars: returns items that have a rating average of 5
4 Stars +: returns items that have a rating average between 4 and 5
3 Stars +: returns items that have a rating average between 3 and 5
2 Stars +: returns items that have a rating average between 2 and 5

NOTE: There is no need for a 1 star + Rating Filter as you can achieve that by using the "Rated" Type Filter

In this view you can see all the new Filters available in the Filter Menu as well as see that you can filter by Rating only (this example is 3 average rating or greater).

In this next screen shot, you can see that we are now Filtering by both Rated (must have at least 1 rating) AND the rating average must be 4 or greater.

In this shot, we change the rating filter from 4 to 5 so that it only returns items with a 5 rating (captain obvious).

And finally, this last shot shows you that you can use all three filters at once to really drill down... in this case, we only want items that are for sale that have been rated and have a 5 star average.
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Wanted to add another note about this. Type Filters and Rating Filters can be enabled/disabled globally. They also both take into consideration the Rate/Review system while viewing Category Listing pages... ie, if you are viewing a Category in which you have disabled the Rate/Review system, the "Rated" & "Reviewed" Type filters will be automatically removed as well as the Entire Rating Filters section.

This way you can Globally disable the Rated and Reviewed Type filters if you want as well as globally disable the Rating Filters (this is for @BamaStangGuy ) OR you can enable them globally, however, they will only be available IF the category you are viewing has one of the Rate/Review systems enabled.

The Rating filters might be expanded a bit before public release (to allow each individual rating filters to enabled/disabled).