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Resolved Error

Discussion in 'Pickem Support' started by hIBEES, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    How has this happened?

    An exception occurred: [TypeError] Argument 3 passed to XenAddons\Pickem\Listener::XenAddons\Pickem\{closure}() must be an instance of XF\Mvc\Entity\Entity, null given in src/addons/XenAddons/Pickem/Listener.php on line 17

    1. XenAddons\Pickem\Listener::XenAddons\Pickem\{closure}()
    2. call_user_func_array() insrc/XF/Template/Templater.php at line 922
    3. XF\Template\Templater->fn() ininternal_data/code_cache/templates/l1/s30/public/xa_pkm_pool_list_macros.phpat line 28
    4. XF\Template\Templater->{closure}() insrc/XF/Template/Templater.php at line 701
    5. XF\Template\Templater->callMacro() ininternal_data/code_cache/templates/l1/s30/public/xa_pkm_index.phpat line 62
    6. XF\Template\Templater->{closure}() insrc/XF/Template/Templater.php at line 1301
    7. XF\Template\Templater->renderTemplate()in src/XF/Template/Template.php at line 24
    8. XF\Template\Template->render() insrc/XF/Mvc/Renderer/Html.php at line 48
    9. XF\Mvc\Renderer\Html->renderView() insrc/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php at line 418
    10. XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->renderView() insrc/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php at line 400
    11. XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->renderReply() insrc/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php at line 360
    12. XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->render() insrc/XF/Mvc/Dispatcher.php at line 53
    13. XF\Mvc\Dispatcher->run() insrc/XF/App.php at line 2177
    14. XF\App->run() in src/XF.php at line 390
    15. XF::runApp() in index.php at line 20
  2. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Is this a fresh install with NO configuration/setup? Its acting like there are no Pools added to Pickem yet and you are trying to view the Pickem Index page.

    Can you confirm that you did a COMPLETE setup in the backend (Created at least 1 sport, with 1 season, with 1 week, with 1 game and then Created at least 1 pool that is associated with that Season)?
  3. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    I added all above.

    I did however alter the date that users were allowed to pick.

    I will uninstall and try again.
  4. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Its an issue with the fetching of the SPORT LOGO. That error is saying that the SPORT Entity is NULL (which makes absolutely no sense as the SPORT has to exist in order to create a Season (and you can't create a Pool if there are no seasons).

    I'm going to need to troubleshoot this on your site, so when you have time, start a conversation with me and include an Admin CP login (full admin please as I'll need access to options, templates and permissions as well as Pickem).

    I might also need DB access via phpMyAdmin, but not for the initial troubleshooting.
  5. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    Seems to be working now. Must have been one of the above mate.

    Delete thread if required. My apolgises.
  6. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    I uninstalled and reinstalled my apologises
  7. Bob

    Bob Developer Staff Member

    Keep an eye on it and if it happens again, just shoot me an inbox and I can check things out on your site :)
  8. hIBEES

    hIBEES Member AMS Pickem

    Will do. Thank you Bob.

    It seemed to happen after I edited a games lock date so no idea lol.

    All good atm.
    Bob likes this.
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