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Default Category Tab?


New Member
Hi, How can I set the default tab to be shown when a Category is selected to the "Alphabetical" tab?
Right now you can't as it requires some logic changes in the programming code as well as some modification to template code.
Will this be included in the next release or an available modification? Having all my listing's alphabetical order will benefit my Showcase a lot. Thank you in advance.
I don't think anyone has requested it for Showcase. I've done something similar to this for the default filtering for Sportsbook. Its similar but different at the same time. Feel free to post a request for functionality in the Showcase Suggestions forum. I will consider it, but I won't make any promise on if it will be in the next version (or ever for that matter). At the minimum, I will change some code logic around to make it a bit easier to customize on your own if it doesn't get added as a "setting".