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Create New Item button/nav


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Maybe I'm missing something but the only place I see "create new item" is the button on the root of the showcase. I would think that this is best added in on every page of the showcase, including on individual pages since this is what you want to induce users to do, no? This would probably be permissions based and appear in the nav only if the user has the permissions to do so. Maybe it is there somewhere and figured I'd ask here before making it a suggestion to be implemented as stock.
For those curious, I had to add the following to each template to get the "Create Item" to work. I changed the name of the button to "Create Your XZY" by editing "nflj_showcase_create_new_item" and put it into the sidebar templates such as nflj_showcase_category_sidebar and nflj_showcase_index_sidebar and nflj_showcase_item_sidebar which are the most ubiquitous:

                    <xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}">
                        <dl><dt><a href="{xen:link 'showcase/add'}">{xen:phrase nflj_showcase_create_new_item}</a></dt></dl>

This worked and now I have a "create new item/gallery/car" on every page in the navigation so that users browsing have a quick way to add a new item.
The Create Item button IS on most pages. It is driven by PERMISSIONS (both User Group and Category). It works just like the Resource Manager (for standardization) in that it will NOT display on a Category page that you don't have permissions to "Create" new items OR if that category doesn't allow new items to be created for it.

Feel free to customize Showcase to YOUR liking. That is the POWER of Showcase. Its built to make it EASY for you to do things just like this. This is not something I will be changing.
Maybe I'm missing something - I have all the permissions set to allow in Showcase. The button to create a new item only appears on the Showcase home page. Even if you go to a category here, the button disappears:


What I wanted was a link on all pages in the showcase that says "create item" so that a user doesn't go looking where and how to create a new showcase.
http://xenaddons.com/showcase/category/aquariums.3/ <---- is a Category that does not allow new items to be created, hence NO BUTTON. This is standard XenForo methodology. You don't see "post new thread" buttons in forums that you can not create new threads in. Same with the Resource Manager. You don't see the "Add Resource" in a Category that does not allow resources to be added.

If you click on the Fresh Water or Salt Water or Muscle Cars categories here (for example), you will notice that the create item buttons ARE available as those categories allow new items to be created.



Understood but my being unclear is probably because the URL I selected may not have made the issue clear:


This entry is in "Muscle Cars" and if you're in the root of the directory, the "create item" button appears as above. But if you click on an item, the button disappears and there is no "create item" link on an actual car, such as the one above. If you navigate away from the root page of the category that does have permissions but view other permissions in that category, you won't see any button or link to create an item.
Showcase Item pages do not have a "Create Item" button. This is standard XenForo methodology.

When viewing a Discussion Thread, there is not a "Post New Thread" button
When viewing a Resource, there is not a "Add Resource" button.
When viewing a Showcase Item, there is not a "Create Item" button.

The "Post New Thread" button is located on FORUM pages and is controlled by view permissions based on the viewing user
The "Add Resource" button is located on Resource Home AND on Resource Category pages and is controlled by view permissions based on the viewing user
The "Create Item" button is located on Showcase Home AND on Showcase Category pages and is controlled by view permissions based on the viewing user

Any modification to this will have to be done via customization. ie, if you want to add the Create Item button on Showcase Item pages, go for it, however, you need to know that by doing that, you are bypassing all the Permissions checks (to include things like if the user has the MAX Items permission setting of 1 item and now you are displaying the CREATE ITEM button to that person so they think they are able to create and item and they end up getting permissions error). If you can live with that, they go for it (you've already done it as shown above)
Bob - thanks for explaining. Yes, it appears to be a Xenforo methodology, one that I will be customizing on my new sites. ;) I find it counterintuitive but I guess opinions will vary. Thanks for the useful, comprehensive and timely responses.