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Implemented Change Item dates


Staff member
This is a re-implementation of a Showcase 2.x feature that allows Showcase Moderators to change the Create Date and Last Update date for a given item.

Note: In Showcase, this feature is for Moderators Only unlike AMS where content authors can also change dates as long as they can edit the content.

If the viewing user is a Moderator and has the permission to edit any item, they will be able to change the item dates.


Clicking on the link launches an overlay that lets you set the Create date/time and Last update date/time.

Note: Just like Showcase 2.x, if you attempt to set the Last Update date OLDER than the Create date, the Create date will be used to set the Last Update date.


Note: Just like in Showcase 2.x, you can NOT use this to set a date into the FUTURE! If you attempt to, the save process is going to thrown an error.

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