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category image not shown


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Hi Bob, I just installed this addon today, and able to create items and attach images to items under categories on my testing site.

But I can't seem be able to make the category image appear on the Category page. Am I supposed to upload the image I'd like to use to the directory /styles/default/nflj/showcase/category_images(the 'Category Specific Options' tab suggested it?), then when specifying the Category Image, only specify the image name itself? I tried to use my own image first, then the default image 'no_image.png', neither would show on the Category page. What did I do wrong?
Category Images only display if an item does not have an image attached to it. Try to create a test item without uploading any images to it in a category that you have a category image assigned to. The category image should then be displayed instead of the users avatar on the listing.
I see what you mean now. Just created an item without attaching to it any image. And didn't see the category image displayed for the item. It uses my avatar on the listing for that particular item.
Hi Bob, now on the Forum Homepage, I could see the Category image was displayed for any item not having an image attached to it. But on the Showcase Home Page and the Category Page that I assigned a Category image with, I still could not see the Category image got loaded in listing for the items that do not have an image attached. Is this the expected behavior?
Different pages/layouts have different behaviors. I need to know which PAGE (Home, Category, Item or Member) you are asking about along with which Layout type (Modular, List View or Grid).
Let me make myself clearer... I'd like to ask about the behaviors of the Category Image on the Category Page and on the Showcase Home Page.

Basically, I've created an item under one showcase Category. For the testing purpose(to test the behavior of the Category Image), I didn't attached an image to the item per your suggestion, but I did assign a Category Image to the Category where that item is located.

The result is: I do not see the Category Image is displayed for the item - not on the Category Page nor on the Showcase Home Page.

To be specific, if I configured the 'Category Page Layout Type' as Grid, then the item w/o image doesn't show at all; if I configured the 'Category Page Layout Type' as List View, then the item w/o image would be displayed using my avatar in the listing . Similarly, if the 'Home Page Layout Type' is Modular or Grid, then that item w/o image is not displayed on the Showcase Home Page, ; if the 'Home Page Layout Type' is List View, then that item w/o image would be displayed with my avatar in the listing on the Showcase Home Page .

So basically, I didn't see the Category Image get displayed under these few situation for the item created w/o attaching initial image.

I'd to know if this is the expected behavior... as I am kind of little confused now.
Not sure yet... it could be an on purpose bug as category images were a very early duct tape solution for items without images. Then the Place Holder images were added. Then the new layouts were added and each layout has different functionality. So during that process, I might have removed the Category image check in the FEW places that it was in. Won't know until I have time to look into it. Category images are NOT a major functionality and really serve no "purpose" other than an initial use (which is no longer even in the system).

If there is something specific you want to use them for (other than placeholders), just let me know. In the mean time, I will look into it sometime this week as I am just finishing up on the next release and will be doing testing/tweaking later this week and can "fix" it if its broke.
Thanks Bob for the responses!

For the List View layout in the Category page, the fact that the Category image not displayed in the listing(using avatar instead) seems to be totally fine; but in the Modular or Grid layout, I thought it would be nice if the Category image can be used as place holder for the item w/o attached image, otherwise, those items submitted w/o image would not show up on the Showcase Home Page or the Category Page, and they are like lost on those two pages... so if you could manage to get the Category Page and the Showcase Home Page display those placeholders(also serves as reminder to users for attaching images to their items), it'll be great.

Initially, before you made your clarification, I thought the Category image could be used together with the Category Content on the Category page, and I actually liked that idea, not sure if you could implement something like that(to allow whoever created the Category attaches an image beside the Category content)...

Anyway, thanks a lot for your efforts for keep improving this great product!
OK, I looked into this today. Category Images are working as they are designed to on ALL areas except the "List View" layouts for Showcase Home, Category and Member Pages (which have all had the functionality added to them now). Also, the Showcase Tab on the Member Profile will display a Category Image in the place of a User Avatar if a Category image is present.

NOTE: If you want Category images to display on the Grid and Modular Views, you will need to uncheck "Images Required" as "Images Required" only retrieves items that have at least 1 image uploaded to it.

List View order of precedence = Thumb of Image, Category Image, User Avatar

Grid View & Modular View order of precedence w/Images required = Thumb of Image

Grid View & Modular View order of precedence w/o Images required = Thumb of Image, Category Image, No Image Placeholder