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Categories other than "General"


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Just wondering if there is a way, when people are posting things to showcase, to choose a category other than "General."
If so, how?


In the Admin CP, you can create as many Showcase categories as you want. Part of the Showcase Category Management is giving user groups the ability to create items in specific categories.

Admin CP >> Applications >> Showcase >> Category Management

Make sure you check "Allow Items to be created" or users won't be able to create in those specific categories.
One more question.
I notice when I try to choose a subcategory, that if I don't post something in the first tab, that I get an error message (see Screenshot.)
I wanted a tab for unfinished works, then sub categories of unfinished chapters, poetry or short stories.
Alas, if I don't fill in the first sub tab I get an error.



  • error pic.png
    error pic.png
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I don't suppose there is a way to allow Microsoft word attachments into the showcase uploader is there?
Never mind - I will just have them upload to a forum as an attachment and allow them to paste links in the showcase.

Once again, my thanks for this excellent add-on!

Lord Cupre
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